Small Group Training - a Member Success Story!

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Meet Heather!

Our client Heather started working out at Boost Fitness shortly after she had her second child. She decided she wanted some extra motivation and a push to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy. After nine months of carrying a baby, she figured she owed it to herself to do something just for her. While Heather had always been pretty active, loving group fitness classes and jogging, she had never worked out with a personal trainer. She wanted to see how far she could really push herself and simply have the self-care time stepping outside of her role as mother for a few hours a week. Heather also had a friend who was interested in personal training so they decided to check out small group training together.

Discover Small Group Training

Small group training turned out to be just what Heather was looking for. She could do it with her friend and also several other women she hadn’t met until the session began. Her small group training sessions quickly became one of her favorite times of the week. She loved getting customized workouts from her trainer each session. And Heather found that working out in a small group helped her feel safe enough to try new things with equipment she hadn’t used before, under the guidance and instruction of a personal trainer.

Before Heather knew it, not only was she shedding the baby weight, but she was also becoming much stronger than she ever knew was possible. Working out with a trainer and a small group of peers pushed her past what she had ever done before.

At the beginning of her training, Heather worked with her trainer to make sure her post-baby body was ready for each exercise. Heather was so thankful for this because she knew women who didn’t work out for a long time after having children and regretted it. But she also women who had gone full-force back into the gym without taking stock of the changes in their bodies and ended up with injuries. Working out with a personal trainer was the perfect way to push herself while still making sure she was safe.

With the help of her trainer, Heather quickly felt like herself but with a new confidence and strength. She loved the variety in the workouts, made up of exercises she wouldn’t have ever come up with on her own. And she loved that working out with a few other women, including her friend, made her push herself and brought out her competitive side.

What is Small Group Training at Boost Like?

If you resonate with Heather or you just have been needing to take to opportunity to try out small group training or personal training, our certified staff at Boost Fitness would love to help. At Boost, our small group training sessions are an hour long and can be made of groups of 2 to 6 people. It’s a great way to gather a few friends and commit to a fitness goal together or to meet new friends as well.

Small group training makes working out more fun. You gain both the camaraderie and competitive push when doing small group training. Also people see better results more quickly with small group training because of the accountability it provides. When our clients are financially invested but also have others that expect to see them there each session, there are so many more motivations than just hitting the gym by yourself whenever you feel like it. For a limited time only – you can sign up for 2 free weeks of Small group training by clicking here:

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