Looking for Something Different? Try a Spinning Class!

How about a taking a spin in a Boost Fitness indoor cycling class. Appropriate for the beginner and the experienced rider with an emphasis on providing a fun, effective and well-rounded workout. You will be led high into the mountains, through downtown Boston and along the oceanfront in Cape Cod… all while challenging yourself with jumps, hills, sprints and whatever else your instructor has envisioned for your journey that day.

Why You Should Try a Spinning Class

  • Burn 400 to 600 calories per workout
  • Low-impact, total body workout
  • Tones legs, glutes, and core
  • Perfect for every fitness level
  • Builds strength and endurance

Never  Be Locked Out of a Class

Members can reserve their spot within 24 hours in advance of class. Due to the limited amount of bikes, space is available on a first come basis. To reserve your bike please click the button above and select the class you would like to attend.

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Recent Posts from the Boost Fitness Blog