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There are many reasons why people don’t reach their health and fitness goals when they join a gym. They vary from not knowing how to work out to lacking motivation. Fortunately, group fitness classes can help you to overcome each one of them! Here are a few of the most common reasons why people don’t see results in the gym, and how group fitness can help.

  1. Lack of time. Life is busy! Between work, family, household chores, community obligations and more, it’s easy to believe that you have no time to work out. How can group fitness help? Classes are conveniently scheduled around common work hours, and your workout will be condensed into a do-able 30 minutes to hour-long session. Before you know it, your workout will be over and you’ll be ready to take on the day!
  2. No accountability. You were planning on going to the gym after work, but now it’s 5 minutes before the end of your workday, and you’re just not feeling it. Who’s going to know, right? If you regularly attend group fitness classes, your instructor will know. Your fellow exercisers will miss you too! When you take group fitness classes you build relationships with the other people in the class, and work as a team to support each other. It’s nice to be missed, right?
  3. Going too big, too quickly. Every January, Millions of people join a gym, and jump into fitness programs that maybe they’re just not ready for. One of the benefits of group fitness is having a qualified professionals there to guide you, and help you make modifications that might be more appropriate to your fitness level. Your instructor wants to see you succeed, and will help you push your edge, while staying safe.
  4. Un-enjoyable workouts. Many people claim to not enjoy working out. Try taking a Zumba class and still feeling that way! From the energy of the instructor, to the support of the others in your class, it’s hard not to have fun. Many classes feature exciting music and the latest techniques and gear. Before you know it, the hour will be up, your workout will be done, and you will have had a blast!
  5. Not seeing results. Have you been working out, but aren’t seeing the results you want? Group fitness classes feature workouts and sequences designed by experts. Classes like Group Power use adjustable barbells, and body weight exercises to strengthen the whole body. No more wondering what to do in the weight room! Group Centergy compliments Power by incorporating yoga postures and Pilates movements to encourage flexibility and core strength.
  6. You need more structure. You spend all day planning, thinking, and doing. When you take group fitness classes, your workout is planned for you! Many exercisers enjoy having the structure of a pre-designed workout ready for them when they get to the gym. No need to plan, count reps and sets or time. It’s all done by a certified instructor! Just show up and workout.
  7. Variety. Do you love to run, but lately have been uninspired by the treadmill? Maybe the elliptical was your favorite piece of equipment, but it just hasn’t been getting the job done. Group fitness classes offer a wide variety of exercises and workouts you may have never tried otherwise. Spin classes are great for anyone who loves the stationary bike but would like to kick it up a notch. Yoga is the perfect complement for those who lift weights regularly but have hit a plateau. There are so many classes to try that will help breathe new life into your fitness routine!

Start Reaching Your Goals

Armed with these reasons why you shouldn’t work out alone, it’s time to give group classes a try. We’ll provide the motivation and the fun, all you have to do is show up ready to work. We’re so sure you’ll love our group classes that the first one is on us. Stop by and get your free class pass to experience the difference!

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